Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Frustration comes to the surface

I cannot, just cannot crack the 101. It goes down to 100.7, then up to 101.1. Its tiring. It's frustrating. I'm over it.
Kristie has made me promise I won't weigh myself until next Monday. So Sami and I are doing it together. We are both around the same weight and trying to crack the 100's. She has an unfair advantage, she got a fill today! So until next Monday I'm not hitting the scales.
Haven't posted a food diary in awhile so here it is:
B- water
L- one chicken, lettuce, mayo and cheese toasted sandwich. YES! YOU HEARD IT RIGHT!!! For the first time since the band I ate an actual sandwich! It was beautiful!!
S- cheese and rice crackers
D- huge downfall. Dad was going to cook dinner. Cut to an hour later he comes home with fish cocktails. I only had two. Hated them- soooo oily!
S- mud cake. yeah, i know. Mums cake in fridge. Couldnt help it.

Night times are motherfuckers for me. BUT I have stopped drinking heaps of soft drink. I used to drink so much pepsi maz at night time. Now it's just one a night and the rest of the night I'm drinking water.
I missed my period this month. Meant to have had it last week. First time I've ever had this happen. I'm not sure whats going on. NO, NOT PREGNANT. It could be because of the troches I was taking a few weeks back. Maybe hormones are super confused as to what the bloody hell is going on with my body. Not sure. I started troches again on Saturday. So far no nausea. I will be watching my appetite in the next week to see if I lose restriction again. I am seeing my surgeon on Friday re coeliac but I might see if I can sneak in a fill at the same time if I feel I'm a little too hungry. I don't ever really feel hungry. And do get full. So I'm ok with it at the moment. I would be so so so happy with it if I could lose some more bloody weight! But, I have noticed I sorta have periods of a week or so where I don't lose anything then I jump on scales and I've lost 2 kilos. So it is a good idea to keep off scales. Need to stop over thinking it. Its just that everytime I've set a mini goal weight it's backfired. I want so much to make the goal. SO so so much. Grrrr....
I got my latest tafe assignment back - much better than the last- 89%. I used my own paper this time. My boss thought I should have written it on scented paper. Lol. Maybe on the back of cheques next time?? So all day Thursday I'll spend on next tafe assignment. I don't know if I told you guys but I've actually been doing twice as much work in a week as needed to get course done. Only need to be doing 5.5 hrs to do course in 2 years (wanted to do in two years) BUT I've been doing 10 hours a week- the amount to get it done in a year!! Sooner the better!!
So in summary of this post, Bridget is frustrated at the scales. Bridget will stop weighing herself every morning. Bridget will continue to keep to the food plans she's written for the next month. Bridget will stop eating Mum's birthday cake. Bridget will make sure her dinner is cooked herself so I can avoid another tonight! Bridget loves her blog, and the amazing friends and support she's been given because of it. Bridget will post new photos of herself in the next few weeks.

-skinny "no more scales" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Bridget will stay off the scales - what a good idea. You ate a sandwich - yay!! I'm so impressed with the amount of work you are putting into tafe - I didn't realise you were doing it at warp speed. 89% is fab. Just don't forget to take time out for a walk - you will focus better and it will kickstart your body. Even half an hour is a plus.


Melanie said...

Hi Bridget, I'm interested that you drink any Pepsi max at all - i thought soft drinks stretched the new smaller stomach pouch. I agree the addition of more exercise will get your weight going down again. Cheers from Mel.