Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hi Guys,
Thanks to everyone who has sent me positive vibes. I've really appreciated it.
I'm off to see my banding surgeon tomorrow in regards to the endoscopy that I will have to have to diagnose coeliac disease. He will take a biopsy of my intestine to test me. It did show up in the bloodwork but they want to be 110% sure before they put me on the strict diet.
I am feeling better about things. I knows its not the end of the world, and the huge plus is that I will lose a heap of weight on the diet!!!
Played netball tonight. I was G.A instead of G.S. OH MY GOD MORE RUNNING!!! It was tough. But I think I did ok. Well I was getting compliments at the end which was nice.
Not really thinking about my food at the moment. Things are going to change dramatically in a month (after the endoscope- not having it until after my 21st) so I'm not foucusing on food right now.
Only 3 days off this week. Gotta fit a lot into those days. I'm a busy bee!



mjwdec73 said...

I'm glad you are feeling better about things - I was worried about you. Way to go with netball - you couldn't have done that running 4 months ago!