Monday, July 14, 2008

What the?

Scales this morning..... don't know why but I had a good feeling.
That means..... I've offically lost 20 kilos. AND I'm 1.1 kilos away from the magical 99.9! So close I can taste it. Well no, eew. Lol. But I am so proud! I can't wait til the day when I get down to 99.9! Single digits will be bliss! It'll be soon. Definately before my birthday. With 20 days to go it'd be crazy if I didn't!
Nothing else to report. Food is getting stuck when I'm at home because I tend to eat it whilst watching tv. So that will be one of my goals
My goal this week are:

  • drink more water
  • concentrate on chewing
  • do pilates on saturday morning

Hope you had a nice weekend, I had four days off and don't remember them- such a blur! It's going to be a busy week. Working extra, mums bday on friday, going for my green p's if I get a chance, tafe work on saturday (as well as getting my next charm- the heart) and bandster meetup on sunday.

-skinny "super duper happy with scales" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Wow - go you!!! That is awesome. Congratulations. I'm confused though - weren't you staying off scales? ;)

Melanie said...

You are fabulous. Congratulations on all your bravery and hard work. What a way to see in your 21st!!
Love the "gut" feeling you were at the 20kg mark - trust that gut!

Diz said...

SWEET!!! I see a fantastic birthday in your future!

Passionatetraveller said...

hey bridget
sorry it's been a while since l have written
wow it's any amazing journey isn't it. I have lost 10 kgs already since march 13th and the other day l got up from the table walked to the bathroom and my skirt fell down lol. so funny. have had to alter and take in all my clothes YEY!! I think you look awesome and l am going to email some photos and show you the changes in me too as we are so close to the same date of banding. Things going smoothly for me but l must admit it's hard sometimes being isolated when you are having a hard time of it. But it's great to check out your site and see how you are going.
take care