Thursday, July 31, 2008

OK....Definately under 100!!

99.9 today too! So I am offically under 100! I've lost 21 kilos before my 21st birthday. Pretty proud of myself!
Last post from me until I go away for my weekend away! I am really excited!
Will post hopefully Monday with photos.
Can't wait to get my watch on Sunday! It's so pretty. Will post a photo!
Off tonight to get eyebrows done (hair was done today- I'm super blonde!!!! Will take time to get used to- havent been blonde in 2 years) and to order my next charm for Pandora bracelet. Koi fish! I think thats very symbolic for me.

Thankyou to everyone for their continuous support and kind words. Really helps me push through those rotten times!

-skinny "UNDER 100!!!!" biddy :0)


LapBandGirl said...

WooHoo! Massive Milestone there girl! CONGRATULATIONS! :) Have a wonderful birthday. xxx

Melanie said...

Well done Skinny Biddy - it's the downhill run to your next goal from here. Happy 21st birthday.

Anonymous said...

Well Done Bridget Congratulations on your 21st birthday and also making the milestone under 100 you are a inspiration to other people good luck with it all and ur next goals may u have a wonderful day KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK i hope u dont mind i read ur blog alot

wabtm said...

Congratulations!!! I just read your blog all the way through in the last 2 days and was with you every step of the way to this loss.

You are an inspiration to me. I have had my band for 2 years now and am not very successful but I have had another fill amd am really giving it a good go this time.

Good luck for the rest of your journey.


Louisa said...

Bridget you should be so proud of yourself. You are doing a fantastic job and look fantastic keep up the great work you are doing to improve your life and your health

mjwdec73 said...

I'm really really proud of you. And I so hope that as I catch up on your blog I'll be finding some photos ...