Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seen my weight loss ticker recently??

Yeap.... 800 grams until I've lost 20 kilos!! Which means I have 1.9 kilos until I'm under 99.9!!! I can totally do this by my birthday! Yes, probably won't lose the 1.9 kilos this week like I wanted for my goal. But that's ok. I never really expected it anyway. Lol it was a long shot!
Tonight I had a small bandster meetup. It is always good to get together with people who understand your daily life and daily struggles and just talk. I did take something away from that meet-up. I've decided that its ok to plan for future weight loss. Lemme explain...
I've tried for ever like most bandsters have to lose weight. But I never really set any goals because I was scared that by setting goals I was setting myself up to fail when I didn't reach them. I know people sometimes buy clothes for "when they lose weight". I never did that for the previously stated reason. I was talking to two women who have done this. And I've decided I am going to do it. If I see something I love, I'm going to get it in the next size down. I think it will be a great motivation for me.
Well I definately have restriction!!! Today I've had:
3/4 packet of rice wheels
Easy Mac
Skim Hot Chocolate
1/3 portion of spag bol (I had trouble getting this down. I ended up with the hiccups. Something I know other bandsters get. I've never had them before so it was interesting. I had a sip of Sprite and it settled them down!)
Ice cream (yeah i know, im a freak. its fucken cold as and im eating ice cream!)

Its definately a lot less than I've been eating portion wise. I'm not getting hungry at all. I really need to SLOW DOWN. To prevent "stucks" and pbs.

Very tired tonight. Can't wait for a sleep in tomorrow! Then its starting a new module for tafe and netball. Having dinner out tomorrow night. Not sure what I am going to have. Going to stick to mushies for another two days or so.

-skinny "800 grams to go- i can do it!" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

You so can do it. I know you can, and so do you. Can't wait to see your motivation clothes. Maybe a picture of them in the sidebar, and then a picture of you wearing them when they fit.

Hmmm, might do that myself.

So, so proud of you.

Diz said...

Congrats to you. You will make your goal. I think you should have fun buying smaller clothes. I wore something today that I did not fit it when I bought it. It felt so good.

And I love Ice Cream in cold weather...who the eff am I kidding...I love ice cream anytime!

meljam said...

Hi there
I know you suffer from hormonal issues and I know that when I had PCOS really bad the only thing that really helped long term in a lo-carb diet. I found this discussion on lapband talk (sorry if I'm telling you stuff you already know!)

Might be of interest. Great progress by the way - what a wonderful birthday it's going to be, cheers, mel