Friday, July 4, 2008

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere!!!

Its been a pretty excellent day on the self esteem side!
I went to see my wonderful dietician today and she though I looked incredible. Pretty stoked! I weighed in and not only didn't I gain with the two weeks of no restriction- but I lost 500 grams. I am pretty happy with that! I did previously state that was my goal! So yay!
I also returned home to a few emails from people telling me how amazingly I had done, I was inspiring and pretty! Nice nice nice!
I also measured my waist (only measurement I really take notice of) and I've lost 18 cms off that! Whoa! I am back to the same size waist as I was when I was taking the horrid duromine. Yet I am 10 kilos heavier. Weird!
I'm waiting for my pilated dvd to arrive in the mail. I started it up a few years ago and it really helped me shift the cms moreso than kilos but I felt great doing it.
I'm having my next fill along with my dad fter work on Monday. I am planning on having a big one since I've lost a lot of restriction. Myself and my dietician think that after this fill I will definately be under 100. Here's hoping.
So far with goals....
* drank my 1.5 litres each day, yesterday a little under. Today (yes at 11 pm) i am still going, trying to get there! lol
* only worked out twice this week, will walk tomorrow and sunday
*didnt weigh myself until today liked promised- this was a good thing for me- i started to become obsessed with the number.

All for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I plan on walking, doing tafe work, and reading banding blogs!

-skinny "flattered" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Yay - first!

Have a good weekend bloss - take some time to enjoy it too.

Oh, and you do look amazing - so you better be believing all those people who are telling you.

I'm so proud of you.

Cherub said...

Hey brig, nice to see you doing so good cant wait till Im banded soon 29th july 1 week to optifast, keep up the good work