Wednesday, July 2, 2008


No more work for the week, phew! It's been a busy week, we had the validator come in on Monday and boy he was a hard arse! Seems we might have to re-do the whole accreditation process as he has failed us in several areas. Now me and the staff as childcare workers do an excellent job, no issue with that. The guy who validated us was more interested in the policies rather than the practises. And due to a wrong word here and there we are in shit. Grrr. Not again! Couldn't handle 11 hr days again!
Goal wise, I am doing really well. Our scales broke so I definately can't weigh myself until Friday. I'm drinking at least 1.5 Litres of water each day. I haven't worked out since Sunday, so I've gotta work out at least 3 more times. I have not stopped at work though, I'm running around after 14 2 yr olds!
Food wise I have been watching what I'm eating, more so portion sizes. Trying to watch carbs also. In saying that, I did have pizza last night. It's not something that I will be doing again for a long time. Ok when you are eating it, but I felt so uncomfortable when I woke up this morning and was really bloated.
I got my first tafe assignment back today. I was given 69/100. I am a little disappointed in the results. I did hate the unit but I put effort into it. Apparently you were meant to use your own paper. NO WHERE did it state this. I think I might email them to clarify. Because of this, I lost marks on pretty much every question because I wasn't able to elaborate much on answers. Comments though were good, apparently I have excellent professionalism and it was well done. Hmmm... confusing!
Looked at my hit counter, over 5000 hits! Thats incredible. I am so overwhelmed! Thanks guys for reading. Remember, all comments are welcome!

Stay classy cyber dudes
-skinny "4 days off woo!" biddy :0)


meljam said...

Wow Bridget - I came across your blog tonight and have just spent a couple of hours reading it from start to current entry. I'm scheduled for lap banding 31 July so I'm in the "learn everything I can mode". I actually started my own blog yesterday as I too wanted to document this amazing experience. I'm not a young bandit but still, at 46, and at the other end of my education journey - I'm about a third of the way through a phd - I find your style, frankness, humour and guidance truly inspiring. I'll be tuning in for your updates! Thanks for sharing this with us all. Mel

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget,

I just found your blog...I am scheduled for banding surgery on July 15. It's great to read about your experience, the good and bad! You are an eloquent young woman, and so many of us appreciate sharing your journey! Susan

mjwdec73 said...

I bet that running around after 2 year olds is much much easier than it was 6 months ago!

Bit sucky about TAFE - hope you sorted it all out.