Wednesday, August 20, 2008

It's Just Not Happening..

I am very frustrated. Get onto the scales today to see 99.
I thought it was getting a break. But no. AHHHH...
I am OVER the high 90's.. I want 93, 92 or shock- 91!!!!
I've got a cold (yes, sick again) at the moment which isnt helping things. I thought that I would have more restriction because of it but thats not the case. I can eat. I can eat anything.
I think this all boild down to the fact that I am due for a visitor tomorrow. Fluid? Probably. No restriction- that usually happens. I know its apart of being a woman, but fucken hell its frustrating!!!!!!!!!!! Just when I thought I was getting somewhere!
The positive side of it is that I didn't realise I was due tomorrow. Usually I have BAD BAD BAD BAD moods (mum tells me lol) and I find it hard to walk and even breathe the fluid is to bad. But nope, none. It means we are getting somewhere with the symptoms!
Meant to be going to boxing tomorrow. I'm thinking I might be horrible and not go. Need to rest and tackle some tafe work- I do owe 22 hours and 4 assignments!

Thanks for the vent

-skinny "currently addicted to buying books and pandora charms on ebay" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

aaargh! how frustrating for you. now get off those scales until next week!!

Diz said...

Hey, sounds great that you're not PMSing! Things are going your way. Next week you'll have dropped down to the 93 like you wanted.