Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to Band

I got .5mls out today. What a freaking relief it was this afternoon I can tell you! To come home afterwards and be able to actually eat my dinner!
*Doing the happy dance! Doing the happy dance!*
Meanwhile the unfill itself was torture! It took the surgeon 3 needles, 15 minutes and a sore Skinny Biddy later for me to walk out knowing I could eat a meal. There should be no need for me to tell you I'm sore. I expect bruising. In fact I was told to expect it. And my poor surgeon kept apologising- " I havent had such a bad time of a fill in awhile" ..... serves me right, I had just told him I'd gotten over my fear of needles after having the band. Lol.
So my plan of attack I know you are wondering.... eating veggies and salad. God I want them! I want to get as many yummy nutritious foods into me. I've missed them. So I'm looking forward to that!!
Exercise- I've been doing 30 mins daily. I didnt tonight, after I ate I was majorly dizzy- my blood sugar levels are all over the place and might take a few days to get under control.
I'm a happy chappy! Back on track!


Passionatetraveller said...

hey mate
congrats on getting the fill out l had 4 ml out three weeks ago and it's amazing what an improvement it makes when you can eat a real meal and not have complications. six months pregnant and going strong, put on 2.5 kgs all up and have a baby bump where l now have poppy leading me around lol very funny. hope you are well and are happy.
mandi from melbs

Melanie said...

Sounds good - you sound really well. Can't believe I've been following your journey for nearly a year and half - you've come so far and remain an inspiration to so many.