Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hey guys,

Starting afresh.... lets move on from the nonsense.... the disclaimer though is, unless you are there supporting me, helping me, I would prefer you not to comment. I am moderating my comments from now on. Now back to the reason I blog. My life, my journey, my band...

Jumped on the scales this morning and I've gone back up to 88. I understand that there are so many reasons why this could be. So instead of getting down on myself and falling back into those old eating habits that we do....I'm using it to my advantage. I feel much better today- band back to normal and my cold is gone. So its walking time again. Just 30 mins a day to start off with then I shall build from there.

I also decided that I'm not in a rush to lose the rest of the weight. Ultimately, by my two year bandiversary in 6 months I'd like to be close to goal. There is reasons behind my change of mind and heart... I've seen a few friends lately lose their weight really quickly and its not only messed with their bodies but their minds.... I've learnt who I am during this journey. And I don't want to hurry the last of the process... the other reason is.... I'm not unhappy with my body anymore. In fact, I'm starting to love it. I've spent all my life hating it, and its a slow process getting to like the skin you are in. So I want to spend this time celebrating my achievements and not saying to myself "I'll be happy when I'm ____ kilos." I was at work today and I thought to myself... " Would it be THAT bad if I was 86 kilos for the rest of my life?" And the answer was an honest, from the heart...NO.... it wouldnt be. Because me at 86 kilos is LIVING. For the first time...I'm living. And loving. And learning.

Onwards and upwards.... that Clarity I'm searching for is at arms length :0)


Roo said...

The people that leave anon or negative comments are not worth it, this is about you, your ups and downs and negativity is not productive to your journey. It means they have hidden issues within themselves. You are doing fantastically. It does not matter how fast our journey is, you will miss far to much in between and not learn anything! hugs x

Tegan (THE BESTEST FRIEND) said...

i love you bridgie, you are everything u have ever wanted to be, right now right here and if u do stay at 86 kilos for the rest of your life u will still find your clarity... i don't think its at arms length... its there in ur heart and soul, that beautiful loving awesome soul.
watching u on your journey has only made me hungrier for mine (pun totally intended!) i love you miss p!!!

Diz said...

Now that's the Bridget that inspires me to come back from my own pitfalls day after day! Gavin Rossdale sings a song about the "Skin I'm In'. Good song, and he's hot!

Melanie said...

Bridget, You continue to inspire me and so many others. Thanks.