Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I think this is an important blog post for all us bandsters, and in fact anyone that is losing weight...

Well I can eat! I woke up this morning and within an hour I was hungry. There was a strange noise that came outta my stomach...I didnt recall hearing it recently. After several moments I stomach was actually rumbling! So I thought I'd take a risk and have a piece of toast. Vegemite on toast. Mmmmm heaven. I actually ate it. And it filled me up completely. Which I loved! Lunch I had a piece of bread made into a sandwich which once again was easy to eat and filled me up. Afternoon snack of nuts. And dinner, my Dad (who is an amazing cook), wanted to do Indian Night so he cooked me a feast of Lamb Korma which was heaven!!
I am really really sore from the un-fill yesterday. I had trouble getting comfy last night and if I move around too much it really hurts. Its kinda as sore as when I first got banded.
Didn't work out today due to the sore abs. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow arvo so I can get back into it. I havent worked out in two days and I'm feeling withdrawals lol.
So I have two weeks without being heavily restricted. Going to enjoy the challenge. I know I won't go silly with food choices, I respect my new body way too much. Plus I want to try and stay below that 89 I hit at the Drs surgery yesterday arvo. First time I've been below 90 there (scales are 2 kilos heavier there). I will not falter!


Roo said...

Good to hear that food is going down again. Yay! I was really moved by Amy W's post and in fact was blogging something about that very topic when I read her's.
I just got my first fill and on liquids until tomorrow, but I am starving and my belly is making noises like old plumbing!

lapbandlife said...

It's nice to be able to eat isn't it! I felt the same way when I could drink water in the morning again - yay! Glad you're feeling better!

Em :)