Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 4 of the GOC!

GOC stands for Great Opti Challenge people..... just to clarify!
How do we like the new blog layout?

The challenge is going really well. Since I've started I've had a lot more energy and feel really good in myself. I'm eating dinner each night, having my opti during the day and a handful of nuts of fruit if I'm hungry in between. However with having a band fill on Monday I'm not really hungry at all.
I think the challenge will really be the weekends...if I'm not doing anything I tend to pick all day. Lucky this weekend I am quite busy so I wont be sitting at home watching t.v!
I bought a new dress tonight that I adore. It's one of those dresses I've always wanted but never thought I'd be able to pull off. I'm going out Saturday night with it on and I'll be sure to take photos for you!!


Roo said...

love the new colour scheme! The thought of doing opti at the moment is grrrrrr....(maybe it is too fresh in my mind still LOL)...Can't wait to see photos of the hot dress!

Angie said...

Love the new layout, love! LOVE YOU TOO - so glad to hear ya feeling so confident and doing so well! Good luck with keeping the challenge up, as I'm with Roo, can't touch the stuff!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new layout. Much prefer it to the old one which frankly nearly gave me a stroke each time I visited your page! hahaha

Great going on the opti challenge. I couldn't do it now for the life of me!

Em :)

Tammy said...

Hey Bridget, I actually loved the old layout much better it was so pretty,New one is boring but thats is okay i will still visit.Hope you have a great weekend and i cant wait to see the pics of your new dress,Cheers