Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And So the Journey Begins......

It's taken me awhile to get to this point. The point where I feel like I'm not drowing, not sinking, not in a black hole.
But in order to feel the hope, I needed to feel the hopelessness. And boy did I feel it!! I spent 2 months feeling like I'd always be the sociallyy challenged challenged fat girl who couldn't go through a day without having some sort of medical complaint.
But then something amazing happend.
Whilst in the deep dark hole I was searching a PCOS forum (if you don't know what PCOS is then see the link in web pages link). Looking for a solution, looking for the light. I came across a thread for something called "Lap Banding". I had no idea what it was so I read everyone's comments and how life saving/changing it was. I thought the only WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) there was, was gastric bypass which I wouldn't do. But this was a band around the stomach that was adjustable and also reversable. The recovery time isn't that long and health care covers most of the cost. When I read all this information my eyes widened. My mind swelled with futurisic ideas and I smiled. A smile I hadn't done in two months.
After going to the complusory information night I was filled with possiblilties. I booked in my 1st consultation for 21st Feb and here we are. Waiting. And boy it's been a struggle! I've been up many a night til 3 a.m searching all the forums for as much information as I possibly can get. I've already met some amazing people through Central Coast Bandsters!!
I will eventually put photos up when I'm not as embarrased. Gimme a few days!!!!
Not long til my consultation..... not long until my new life......
-bridget :0)


Anonymous said...

well done Bridget, it takes a strong person to do what you are doing, I talk from isnt the easy way out no matter what others think.....all the best with your journey, I will be watching and keeping in contact.
Congratulations in making the best decision of your life. xxTrish

Tarn71 said...

Good on you Bridget, Blog looks great... told you it was easy.

Good luck tomorrow, you are make a big decision.... but a good decision, you won't regret it.... Especially when you are HOT & SKINNY....

Cheers Tarn xxx