Friday, February 22, 2008

What Is Happening?

Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, with takes the imagination by storm, and second, a definite intelligible plan for carrying that ideal into practice.
-Arnold Toynbee

What a weird day.
I went to gym to defer membership for 8 weeks (2 weeks pre op and then 6 weeks post like doctor instructed). No issues with that. Even though I gave them practically no notice they were awesome!!
Had a call from the wonderful dietican. I have actually seen her before when I was 16. She was always so nice to me and the only reason I stopped seeing her was because of distance. I've booked an appointment for Monday morning at 9.30. So I'll be getting my Opti-yuk and getting my weight and height noted. I'm going to ask about having Opti-Slim instead however. They have more flavours and are sweeter. Hoping this is ok, I know they have more sugar in them. I know though I'll be a head case on Opti-fast and it will be worst two weeks ever!!!!
I've also organised to have my blood tests and ECG done Monday morning before my dietican appointment. So it means an early start for me. (I gotta get up and 7 am. Not super early I know but i've been off work and getting up, lets say later than 11 a.m.) I'm really not a fan of needles so I think i'll lay down for them!
It seems everything is in motion now. Not only the surgery but my life. I was on the phone to mum today and we were talking about what I want to do after surgery work wise. I work casually at a pre school and had started my own babysitting company. It was g0ing quite well until a week before Christmas. All of my clients called to cancel work. My one main source of income was a single mother, she was let go so didnt need me anymore. So since then I haven't done much. I did have one family, I won't go into it a lot as I don't think its right, but I had to leave as the child was being abused. In front of me.
Anway, I called my director at pre school just to tell her I can't work for 6 weeks (i'm 1st on call). She tells me that as one of the girls is pregnant she wants me to work for her. And that she's thinking about giving me a traineeship as the government is offering incentives..... now i've been working their for a few years hoping for this opportunity. Its not certain, she has to look into it further and see whats happening with the other girl. But at least it's being talked about.
Now to find myself a man. lol....
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I know mine will be filled with excitement and joy. Joy in realising my life is 19 days away....