Sunday, February 24, 2008

Monday Madness

Tomorrow morning off for blood tests and ecg. Had a lot of blood tests before and an ecg so i shouldn't be anxious but I am. As you've probably noticed by now I tend to worry and blow things up. My main concern is something would be wrong and surgery will be postponed. But I'm hoping all will be well. I won't actually know the results unless they are bad, then he will call me. So dr don't call!! haha.
Also got my dietician appointment tomorrow right after tests to organise starting optifast on wednesday. To be honest with you I'm kinda looking forward to not having to think about food so much (like what i'm going to eat) but not saying i won't miss it. i hate the shakes, ive dont them once before and wanted to murder anyone within striking distance of me.
Thanks to everyone who has read my blog so far. I've only just began but already loving it. It has really helped me process thoughts. So feel free to comment me, loved the comments that i've had already. The more the merrier!
-bridget :0)