Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Starting to sink in.....

Its Monday night, well technically Tuesday morning. As usual can't sleep. I think I'll be able to get to bed earlier tonight though. It seems now that I feel like it is actually happening that I'm a little more settled. Plus, there had to be a point when I got physically exhausted from no sleep for past few weeks.
So got up early Monday morning (7 is early for me) feeling really really sick. Went to get blood tests and ecg. The place was packed, people were wainting out the door! So we went somewhere else. She really hurt taking my blood!! I am a wuss though. She tried to do the ecg three times. Granted the first two times I was very nervous (i've never had to have my boobs out in front of someone like that before and im a prude). I think the whole idea that if these tests aren't ok then I can't have my surgery. But by putting all that expectation on myself then im stuffing up the tests. lol. you cant win. So hoping no call from doctor.
Also went to the dietician. Got a great booklet as well as "the pocket gastric band guide" by Trudy Williams. If you are thinking about having this surgery, on the path to or have had it then this book is a must have. A bible. I believe that before deciding if this surgery is something you want to have you need to be armed with the best information out there. The pro's and the cons. I'm going into this knowing that not everyday is going to be a breeze. That some days I will wsnt to rip my band out. Some days I will be frustrated. But all the time I will be greatful for whatever weight I lose.
Tuesday- Last day of food before opti-fast. I am really excited to start it because it means I'm another step closer. But I'm not too sure about the taste. lol. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Should try and get some sleep. Dad's just gotten home though so might ask him for some advice on how to cook veggies so they actually taste half decent!!!
-bridget :0) link to Trudy Williams books