Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Opti-Yuk/Opti-Sludge/Opti-I Wanna Die!!

So this isn't fun......
I hate the shakes. hate hate hate them. so thought i could have the bars instead. but i hate hate hate them too. im in a shitty mood and mum seems to be taking the brunt of it. I've only had 4 hundred and something calories today and im hungry. I'm really close to having a piece of toast. But then I will feel guilty. Because if I don't lose at least 4 kilos in the next 2 weeks I might not be able to have the surgery according to my dietician.
Maybe I'll have the toast and do a lot of exercise to compensate.....
TRUE: Opti-fast is no fun
TRUE: Can't wait until March 12th. Then I won't feel so fucking hungry.
-bridget :0)


Jen said...

Hi Bridget :)

Stick with it!!! It is so important that you stick with the Optifast. It shrinks your liver and makes the operation so much easier & safer for the surgeon.

Have you been having your vegies? I never looked forward to 2 cups of vegies as much as I did when I was on Optifast.

Just keep telling your self that it will be worth it. IT WILL BE!!!

Hang in there....sending best wishes,