Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fill Me Baby Yeah

I wrote the title for this blog now I'm in two minds. Too dirty? Because its not meant to be!! You dirty little cyber people!!
Fill tomorrow. Not looking forward to scales. Always heavier on theres. Plus I was naughty tonight and out take away. But hoping that they show the loss of 15 kilos. Will be happy. Only asking for .2mls i think. Maybe a little more. Not sure. I just wanna fix portion sizing. I know thats something I need to work on though.
Nothing much else to write. I am exhausted. Work is really taking it out of me. I was looking forward to four days off to do studying. Not the case. I'm working two extra days and at Drs for half day tomorrow. I can't wait til sleep in on Sunday. Mmmmm.....
Will let you know how fill goes tomorrow. And will take photos tomorrow of the 3 months since banding.


mjwdec73 said...

You know what - a little bit of takeaway is OK - everything in moderation. Bring on sleep...