Friday, June 20, 2008

Up Late

Up late thinking. Plus I slept in today until 1 pm! I must have really needed it!
I am still sick so planning to go to the doctors tomorrow to see what they can do about this thing I've had for a month on Monday. It hasnt been fun. Tonight I was dry reaching and that was scary. I couldnt stop thinking about my band, worrying something will happen to it. So definately need to address the coughing. I need to be 100% also as we have accreditation anytime now at work and me coughing all over the place doesn't look good. I'm also dropping things all the time lol.
Today is technically Friday so that means its a big day for me. Today I start my new tablets to help correct my hormones. I'm hoping and praying that it helps with lots of things going on with my body, including my bloody skin. It has been a little better these days but definately definately still horrible. I am not trying to get too excited though, I've been through the "this time it really will work" thing too many times to put all my excited energy into it. I do have a great feeling it will work though from all the great feedback I have from people who have seen this Doctor.
I know I havent really been myself with the blogging lately. I'm sort of all up in the air. I can feel the change in who I am. And its happening and its not. Its so hard to explain! I keep saying "when I get under 100 i'll be a different person". I don't think that I should be expecting that of myself. I really can't wait until Im 95. Because when I start losing after that I won't know myself. I haven't been under that weight in a long time so it will be a little scary. Yes, its just a number. But very symbolic.
Thankyou to all the wonderful people who left me comments on my last post. That was a very hormonal day. Yucky!!! Such strength I find somedays from the fact that people actually care enough to wonder whats happening with me. I hope you are still out there reading, even though I post a little less. Now that I won't have as many after work commitments (like 4 hr staff meetings!!!) I will have a little more time to decompress.
Banding wise, I was having a lot of stucks on the weekend. My own fault. Doing a lot better now, concentrating on bites a little more. Can see portion sizes coming down all the time. And also a lot less need for food. I had my first banana on Wednesday since banding. I loved it. Mashed it up so it was easier to eat. Slowly getting there with the veggies and fruit!
Today I've had:
B- was at 2.30 because I got up so late!!! 2 mini tortillas with cheese,ham and sweet chilli sauce
D- sweet thai chilli chicken wrap
S- rice crackers and cheese.
About to have good old multivitamin and iron tablet then off to bed. I'm getting hair cut tomorrow as its well overdue!! Will post some pics!

Weighed in this morning......103.6!!! Woooohhhh!!! I'm 3.7 kilos away from the all important 99.9!! After I get well I am going to get back into the swing of things walking wise. I am missing it. Anyone want to give me some tips to get under 100? Any advise would be so very helpful! And I'm sure other bandsters would love it too!

-skinny "getting there" biddy :0)

Forgot to add...... i changed my goal weight back to 70. had it at 66 for awhile but dont think thats what i want anymore. this of course might change again. Lol.


mjwdec73 said...

I'm glad you are going to see the doctor - yes really :)

I know that the whole reason we did this band thing was to lose weight, but please don't wait until you see a number on the scales to start living or be the person you want to be. I read something today - start living the way you want to live now. It might be faking it til you make it, but you won't live the way you want to, until you are living the way you want to. Either very deep or complete crap - you be the judge xox