Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tomorrow- D Day

So still sick. Yuk. I didn't play netball tonight. I went and watched. Felt really bad that I couldn't. But will be back on the court next week bitches.... so watch your backs!!!
Tomorrow I have the appointment with the specialist in regards to my PCOS. So I'm very excited and a little anxious about it. I have been to so many doctors that have said to me "i can help you with this, in 6 months you'll be a different person". Cut to 6 months later things havent changed and the Drs seemed to be pissed at me because I didn't turn out the way they "expected" me to.
I do feel different about this Dr (prob said that about everyone). Mum went to see him late last year and he really really helped her. No more menopausal symptoms for her. When she actually asked hom about me he said "i feel really sorry for all the young women out there who have pcos. bring her in here and i'll fix her up". That's gotta be a good sign!
So wish me luck! I'm having a million tests done. He better not ask for an internal ultrasound. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING THERE DUDE. IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFETIME!

Hopped onto the scales this morning....300 grams to go until the 15 kilos lost!! Most weight I've ever lost so very important to me! Then its next goal of under 100!
No food diary....all ive had today is half a sweet chilli chicken wrap.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I'm busy busy busy! And of course sick, that had to happen!
Love skinny "sick of sick" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Damn germs - I hope they have left you alone now! I hear you on doctors who get pissed off because you haven't had the changes they promised you - um, hello, it's a 2 way street!