Monday, June 9, 2008

Personal Nutrition

A few days I was asked to write my experience of lapbanding to for a website created by a website.
Here's the link:

She also has a lot of other stories and great info so check out the rest of her site

On the scales this morning......I've lost 15.6 kilos!! I am still losing weight!!!???!! Wow! Wake me up from this dream guys, because by now if I was on a diet I would have already started to put the weight back on. Not too long until I've lost 20 kilos either!!! I love Barbie. I love Barbie. I love Barbie!!!
Talking to my friend Katie (shout out!!), I decided that I want to be under 100 for my 21st. So I have 8 weeks to lose 5.5 kilos. I honestly think that is soooo do able! Maybe I could even lose more!! I think its the best birthday present I can give myself. I am very motivated to doing this. So that's my planned goal at the moment. Will need your support though!
Haven't eaten yest today so no food diary! Lol. But planned today is either eggs and cruskits or roast beef and hommus on cruskits. Dinner will be rack of lamb marinated in rosemary and garlic (omg yum!!) to celebrate my wonderful mum starting her new job tomorrow. This is a very big deal for her and I'm so proud she left that horrible job she was in for a place that seems so positive!! Go mummy! Lol.
Has anyone seen Sex and the City yet? I saw it twice on weekend.. still thinking of how amazing it is. Can't wait for dvd to come out!
As soon as this fucking cold thing that I'm taking antibiotics for decides to move along to someone else I am back into exercise.
Off to see an advanced screening of SpeedRacer tonight. Thanks Nicole! Lol.
Hope everyone had an amazing long weekend.

-skinny "getting closer to losing 20 and getting under 100 kilos" biddy :0)

p.s: if anyone from the blog is emailing me, please put "banding" in subject line. I am getting lots of junk emails and deleting them so if you have not written something to do with banding in subject im afraid I've unintentionally deleted yours!!


mjwdec73 said...

So close - you can do it!