Monday, June 2, 2008

This is going to be a tough week....

I cannot be getting a cold right now! I am too busy! Lol.

We had photos today at preschool. I was dreading it all weekend. But I woke up this morning not caring. So what. Its a moment of my life that I can look back on this time next year and say "I remember that girl. But look at me now!!" I have to face them Wednesday and Friday also!!
Last week I was eating too many carbs for lunch. I wasn't sure really what to have. Sooooo this week I am going to make more of an effort.
Todays food diary

B- tea
Lunch- rice wheels, 4 cruskits with roast beef and hommus
Snack- few spoonfuls of last nights chinese (shhh)
Dinner- Cheese and Spinich Gnocci
Snack- few squares of chocolate

****Please note**** I am very aware of lack of fruit and veg.

Jam packed week!!! Will be glad when Friday afternoon arrives! Me and the AMAZING kristie (and no, im not just writing that because she is reading- hehehe- she is, deal with it!) are going out. Good end to the week.
I have that Drs appoinment on Friday. Its for the Dr who specialises in correcting hormones. I've started writing a list of questions that I have to ask him. Including:
"dude, what the fuck is wrong with the face??"
"totally gross...i am losing my hair! what am i a 60 year old male now?"
and my last statement/threat

nothing else to report. Life is good, actually life is great. All I need now is the love of my life to walk up to me,smile and say "i've been looking for you"

-skinny "fuck off cold- i aint in no mood for you" biddy :0)


fattypatty said...

Hey bridget, just wanted to let you know honey I too lost quite a bit of hair following my surgery, apparently its quite common and lasted pretty much the whole time I was loosing weight quickly.

mjwdec73 said...

Hope that vile cold is settling down - bloody germs.

I've finally stopped losing my hair - and my hairdresser wouldn't stop raving about it yesterday.

Oh, and I'm so very proud of your attitude for the photos - you rock!