Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday Recap

Sorry guys I haven't posted. I haven't been home to post since Friday.
Been out with friends all weekend (first time EVER i've had a social life! Loving it!). And this bloody cold/flu thing I have just wont seem to piss the hell off!!
Friday was the big appoinment with the hormone specialist. He is a Doctor who believes in a natural approach. So he wants me to cut out wheat and dairy. I don't have a lot of wheat so thats cool but as for the dairy, I'm not giving it up. Mum said he says that to everyone (she saw him last year and so did my nan) so not to take that on board. The type of treatment he uses is a type of hormone replacement. Its as naturally close to the real hormone as possible. So he has worked out a plan for certain times of my menstrual cycle to take certain hormones as my body produces too much testosterone. He asked me what my main concerns were and I told him it was acne and fluid retention. So he has made up a face wash to eliminate the testosterone that causes acne, and a tablet to take for fluid rentention. Included in that tablet is something to help me sleep. Because with PCOS sleep patterns are all over the place so that will really help.
I am going back to him in a few months to review it.
This weekend has been really bad food wise. I havent eaten much as I'm not hungry, but not ever full. Weird. I can still eat a lot also. Fill Thursday. Not sure how much to get. Want more restriction so I can decrease portions.
Found out on Thursday that our preschool accreditation is A LOT earlier than we thought. So its panic stations at work.
Haven't done any studying or my tafe assignment this week. Feel really bad about that. So spending all day tomorrow doing it.
Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend. Missed blogging, will do more of it. And will also take some photos in next few days to put up in photo gallery. Heres address if you havent checked it out yet....

-skinny biddy :0)

p.s: star charm on order...picking up Friday!


NikkiD said...

Not to sound preachy or anything, but you should really try cutting out the dairy just for a short time to see what happens.

I cut out dairy for a little while when my mum was here (she is a vegan) and my skin cleared up and I was losing weight too.

I have gone back to it now as I am a lazy ass and my skin has gone yucky again.

So maybe just give it a try, its not as hard as it sounds!

NikkiD said...

also, just think about this:

Humans are the only mammals that consumes milk and milk products after infancy.

We actually don't need dairy foods.

mjwdec73 said...

You dirty stop out :) I'm so pleased to hear you are having a great time socially. Shame about the germs.

Hopefully the doctor can help - fingers crossed!

Bridget said...

Nikki- apparently thats what the Doctor believes...that we dont need dairy. But cheese.....come on!!! I might see how I go. I dont eat much anyway.

Diz said...

I hear ya Sista! I love a good Brie, or sharp cheddar. I can't believe you'll be turning 21 in a few weeks. From the maturity of your blogs, I thought you were older. That's what I love about blogging....