Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's On!!

Inspired by Sami and Gabrielle, I've decided in order to shift this weight (I'm stuck on 103) I need to set mini goals. I'm going to steal the idea off the girls and set them for each week. I think its a brilliant idea and excellent motivator. I want so so so so bad to be under 100 for my 21st. Something seems to want to test me since I've so far had an easy ride. Something wants to see what I am really made of. Every time in the past I've set goals I've never been able to make them. Well not this time. No more sitting by whilst the scales stay the same. Time to kick my butt into the next gear.

This weeks mini goal is:
* At least 4 work out this week lasting 30 mins or more
* Drink at least 1.5 Litres of water a day
* Do NOT look at scales until next Friday when at dietician. (I was 105 on theres so need to be under this then)

So there are the three goals for the week.
In hormonal news, heres whats new with the troches. The troches are the things that the specialist gave me to help correct hormones and reduce fluid retention, acne and weight. So far I have noticed a huge improvement with my skin. As for the weight, well its actually something I am really going to have to pay attention too. Since being on troches I have lost restriction so will have to make sure I dont put anything on. Fluid retention still there. Had a horribly hormonal day. Cried a bit, frowned a bit, and moped around. I cannot sleep as you are probably aware because of such late post. A part of the wonderful PCOS. Dr has given me progesterone tablets to help me sleep as it is only at certain parts of my cycle I cannot. I was a little upset today when my stomach doubled in size and I had to waddle around looking like I was 8 month pregnant. I thought that this was meant to be fixed?? Maybe I am asking too much after only starting them a week ago. It's just that I so want this to work. If it doesn't I feel like I am totally going to give up.

8 days until next fill! Cannot wait! Will be asking for a big one this time around! Always gone for little ones to be safe but I can tell mumma needs a big one! Lol.
I was thinking today about this blog. I was thinking about how disconnected I feel from it. I think that I have more success when I am writing about whats happening and am able to decompress. Its such a support for me. So maybe that should be another goal of mine, to lean on blog again for support.

Off to attempt to get some sleep. Tomorrow consists of tafe work, vaccuming, sleep in, 30 mins on treadmill and preschool programming. Joy joy joy!

-skinny "re-motivated" biddy :0)


Diz said...

I know what you mean. It's always nice to "release" what's on your mind. I tell my friends that blogging is my way of leaching out the poison in my system.

going4goal said...

I think you're onto something with setting weekly goals...I'm going to try it myself this week and see if it helps me.

You are doing a great job and are so motivated for success....keep up the blogging it helps get your head sorted!

Have a great week

samib85 said...

love love love that my name got a mention in your blog !! you go gf ! we can definitely do this. i would kill for some fill though.. 0ml fill in a 10 ml band is very very tough let me tell you !!! talk soon, Sami Xx

mjwdec73 said...

I think the mini goals sounds like a great idea - realistic and measurable. What a great way for you to take control of things.

I know what you mean on the blogging. I've got posts whirling around my head and I just haven't managed to write them. Driving me nuts.