Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

I plan to watch scary movies tonight. Just to let you know. I wish I was on programming today at preschool, I so would have made best use of the date and gone all out with everything.

Feeling the effects of my fill yesterday. Today's food diary:

B- cup of tea
Snack- handful of cashews
Lunch- a third of a slice of quiche
Snack- cheese and crackers (def not amount i could previously eat)
Dinner- seaweed salad, 1 chicken teryaki sushi roll and three bits of cucumber sushi roll

I must admit I was hungry before my snack this morning. But its not like it used to be like before band. Before band I couldn't focus on anything else when I was hungry. Now I notice my tumble is rumbling, acknowledge I'm hungry then move on. It's great!
I got my new charm today! Its a pretty star. Love it! Will take a photo of my bracelet and post on my photo gallery soon.
Busy weekend for me. Tomorrow I am babysitting for 6 hours, then I'm coming home and completely re-arranging my room. Now, that sounds not too hard. But guys, if you saw how complicated my room is then you'd understand. It's going to take me a loooong time to fix. But I need to more it closer to heater and away from wall. Plus I feel like I am ready to change it. My room is my safe place, it represents me to a tee. So since I have changed so much, I want my room to. (oh and it soo doesnt work anymore, i need to be more organised and have more space).
In the morning I will weigh in, let you know how I am going with my little challenge. It feels sooooo do-able.

Off to watch scary movies. This time next year I'll hopefully be cuddling up to someone watching them. Have a super weekend cyber buddies. Treat yourself to something special.

-skinny "spooooooky" biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Hope you scared yourself skinny! I'm tipping you are probably a bit tired today after yesterday - how is the room looking? Are you happy with it?

samib85 said...

hey chick how did your room re-arranging go ? i'm ok. hanging out and going friggen crazy on the liquid phase. stupid band slipping. i've had like 2 little cheats and had normal food but no more. that's it.. all over red rover, i must behave myself if i want to be under 100 by the 09/07/08! how you feeling now by the way ? bit better than earlier i hope !!
talk soon,
sami xx

Marg Marshall said...

So, what scary movies did you watch?