Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Went to the Doctors and The Doctor Said.....

So I couldn't get in to see my surgeon yesterday. So I spent the day in bed doing tafe work. I had reflux until about midday then it went away. I've felt nauseous ever since.
I went to see him this afternoon (boss was super happy about that). I have to have a barium on Friday if I don't feel any better. Then Dr will let me know whats up with Barbie. Dr wanted me to have a fill on Monday, but there are no appointments avaliable for two weeks! It's going to be a tough two weeks guy, I am really going to need your support! I cannot fall of the wagon!

I have lost 3 kilos in the last 2 weeks from being sick. Dr didn't like that, I did! I am so close to getting to my goal for my 21st, this next two weeks will be a hurdle I am determined to get over. Not only NOT put on weight, but lose!

Thankyou so much everyone for the comments. Really appreciated it!
Staff at work noticed I've lost weight. I would hope so, I've lost 18 kilos!!! Can't wait for the next two (20 kilos lost omg!!), then 3.1 (99.9!)
Myf wrote a beautiful comment on a recent post of mine about how I need to start living my life now, no wait until a certain weight. I think I am doing that in most aspects of my life. I am being more assertive in work situations and I also have more confidence. Only thing I'm still wary of is the guy thing but I think I am slowly getting there.

Promise to write a longer post in the next few days detailing whats going on band wise and life wise. Still would love tips from all about how to get to my goal, food that is really band friendly and healthy and any exercise tips! So close to my goal! Bring it on!!!

-skinny "postive" biddy :0)


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll start feeling better and not need the barium thingo.

Glad to hear you're feeling more confident in yourself and work. Try not to dwell on the boy thing - these things tend to crop up just when you're not expecting it! It did for me!

Em :)

mjwdec73 said...

Vegie juice - easy to get down, filling, and nutritious - I do like my carrot, celery, beetroot and ginger. Good for the immune system too. I love my steamed fish and steamed vegies too. Can you eat 4 or 5 smaller meals - I find that keeps my metabolism going, I have more energy and eat fewer calories. Oh, and porridge is my friend in the mornings.