Thursday, February 5, 2009


Feeling positive.... but still sick. Been a week tomorrow. Its not band related. No issues with it being too tight. I will being seeing my surgeon next week if this is still going on. I am worried about it now. I feel sick after I eat. A tummy ache.
Went to the gym for an hrs cardio today. I havent started weights because I am a little hesitant. I have a bulging disk and its been really really good lately. I dont want to stuff that up and have issues (not be able to workout or make work harder than it is).
I joined the gym's 12 week challenge today. $50 a week for 12 weeks.... personal training session once a week- you earn points for each time you are at the gym and the cms that you lose. You go in the draw to win $10 000. You are also in teams to help with motivation. One of the mums at preschool has signed up to do so I'll have a gym buddy! Looking forward to it!! So when that starts (March 2nd) I'll have a PT once a week and under her care I will start weights.
Goal is to get AT LEAST 10-15 kilos off in that 3 months. So I feel get a fill just before hand also. Portions could be cut a teeny bit.

Food today
Nothing until lunch.... felt sick
L- 4 ryvitas with vegemite, cottage cheese and tomato
S- cashews
D- quiche and veg

Hoping to feel better soon!
Thinking weekly weigh ins. No scales obessing. Over that...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you're still unwell. Could it be a gastro bug?

The gym challenge sounds motivating. Our gym did something similar last year except with no incentive (points, prizes) and you had to pay up front, which I couldn't afford.

Fingers crossed the guy thing works out!

Angie said...

stay strong on all fronts honey... specially the tummy, that's just unpleasant!

on the guy front, you know what I think from what I told you on msn... You've made such progress, I think you ought to enjoy living your life IN REAL LIFE not with some dude who will stall when it comes to meeting up.