Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So much for the record...

No PB since Dec 17th.... felt pretty impressed with that.... YEAH.... funny.... talking about that tonight at the support group.... came home- PB!! Made pita pizza- never had issues. However Dad thought he'd be thoughtful and buy the "lighter choice" pita bread. Sorry- doesnt work. I knew that going in. Funny that- try and be healthy....

Still got an upset stomach. No interest in food. Its not band related. Bec from work feels the same. We both have since Friday- we worked in the same room Friday. Maybe a bug? Why are we still sick?

Feeling better today than I have in the last week. A few reasons why I was so low. Pms is a bitch... we all know that... had this weird stomach bug thingy which makes me feel under the weather, work is horrid and finally....... the guy. Coming to see me, he says hes got it planned and won't tell me when. Plans to just call me up and tell me he's here. Hes staying the weekend at a motel nearby. Its freaking me out because it's real now. I was really worried about it all. But I've decided- whatever happens, happens. If its meant to be, it will. And I will learn from the experience anyway!

Gym tomorrow. An hr cardio!