Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still Meh

Pms is a bitch. Getting me down majorly. Can't wait for it to be over with.
Went to gym yesterday- only did 45 mins because I was running late for an appointment.
Food is shitty at the moment. Having major pms food bitchyness. Plus weekends are killer for me. Being home I tend to not eat at regular times and not make proper food choices. That's the next thing that I need to work on.
Gym tomorrow after work. Im hoping that it isnt too full on at work tomorrow. We will have 7 new little ones and that can get kinda hectic!
Tammy- thanks so much for the feedback- I appreciate it. I eat those to go meals hot- but usually by the time I get to eat it at work its semi cold. Either way they are delish! I bought some more today. Let me know how you like them!
Hoping this mood is gone by tomorrow. Maybe its hanging around because I'm home bored... I dunno.... we'll see...


Tammy said...

Hi Bridget, Those meals you recommend are bloody fantastic,i had the tuna one yesterday and i am eating the salmon one at the moment,they are a easy cheap alternative to takeaway meals,i ate mine cold because it is so hot at the moment but i will try them hot next time.Thanks for the advice on yummy meals if you have any more keep them coming i always like to try new things. Yes i agree PMS is a bitch,lucky it only lasts a few days,hang in there....

Diz said...

I know what you mean about being home. When I'm at work, I stick to my calorie content like glue. When I'm at home, and not busy, I tend to think about food, what to eat, when to the bad stuff NOW! Ugg.