Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here.... I Got Nothing....

Tough day at work. I spent an hour and a half fighting with a 4 yr old. She refused to put her shoes on. I got kicked. I refused to do it for her. So we locked horns. I won of course. No 4 year old is going to kick my arse. I ended up leaving work almost an hour later than I am paid for. So skipped gym and got a frozen coke instead. Lol. (Come on!!! I'd been bargaining with the kid for a long time... my throat was really sore!!) I also got into trouble from my boss for sitting too close to a work friend.... apparently that sends bad messages to the parents, that we are just talking and not working.... bare in mind we were doing bookwork (observations on chn) I was so mad. So I gave boss some dagger looks and didnt talk to her for 5 hours. Then she was lovely as pie....grrr.....

B- cup of tea, berocca
S- cashews, peanuts and dried banana
L- 2 vita weats with boiled chicken, avocado, mayo and spring onion
S- brie and crackers (oh and don't forget the frozen coke hehehe)
D- 2 tacos with meat, cheese, tomato, carrot and lettuce

Exercise- couldn't NOT work out.... something weird is going on with my head.... I'm wanting it badly! Lol.. I did 30 mins on the treadmill. Exercise 4 days in a row. Woot!!

Fluid intake-3 cups of tea, berocca, 3 glasses cordial (its not low kj me donts think- was premade at preschool- will take my own from now on) 1 litre of water (oh and dont forget the frozen coke lol)

Bed time- early again. (For those who don't know me... I normally go to bed really really late... bad for you!)

YES SIREE!!!! I'm on fire!!! And nothing's gonna stop me!!! Scales are out- weighed in this morning two kilos heavier- muscle weighs more than fat.... meh... im looking thinner. Hehe!


to b ME said...

WOW Bridgy, u have really stepped it up!!! AWESOME work! ;) very proud of U & ur DETERMINATION!!! U GO GIRL!!! Nothing can stop u now! Keep up the excellent work hun. xox
P.S... we get the keys tomorrow :>

Nikki said...

You are doing really well! And you could have done much worse than a frozen coke so don't feel too badly, its mostly water anyway!

Oh and I like what you said about not letting a 4 year old win...

wait till you have your own kids!!


Anonymous said...

You sound really determined - Good for you!!!

I'm really impressed with your exercise too.

Em :)