Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

Hey guys,

Had a really good weekend. After two shitty ones I deserved to have a nice one that was relaxing and in no ways stressful! Saturday was Valentines Day- felt a little stab in the heart but I got on with it- stayed with my friend Kristie and did dinner and a movie. Ate way too much crap in the space of 24 hrs. Had garlic prawns, popcorn, lollies, chocolate and yum cha. My body doesn't like it too much anymore. Right now I'm craving a huge bowl of salad and veggies. Mmmm..... what the fuck happend to me?
I worked out yesterday- I did 45 mins at the gym. I felt lazy missing that other 15 mins. Thats a good sign. Today I got home and would much preferred to have a sleep- but I jumped on the treadmill for 30 mins. I think the issue now with me cutting my workout times down a little might be boredom. So after I get back from my trip to Melbourne I am planning to start classes. Figure its better to start before my 12 week challenge so I'm not too sore right from the word go.
I have to look at the times of the classes but I know I really want to do step. Maybe fatburner too....
No change on scales. I KNOW its not all about the scales. But I would like to see the number go down instead of up. I know it will in a few weeks- I just gotta be patient. I emailed my dietician the basic idea of my daily food. Maybe I need to change it up- maybe my body is too used to it? Suggestions?
4 sleeps until I go to Melbourne! Yay


Eoralin said...

hi there bridget...ive been following your blog for so long now that id love to share mine with you. its only a few weeks old but hope you drop by. i'm having trouble w food too.

Melanie said...

Good to see you going well - that Melbourne trip is almost here! Lucky you.