Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Still At It

Ok guy thing over with. Turns out he is a complete and utter low life that thought he would get his sister to write on my wall on Facebook that I was a fruitcake and I needed to "fuck off please and lose my number and and nice tits"....... wow......... I was wrong. All part of the learning. No more will be said on the matter. He doesn't deserve it.
Didn't exercise yesterday. Instead I went and had a masage. Haha.... today I did an hour cardio and work HARD!! My body loved the rest yesterday and rewarded me by craving a run on the treadmill, higher level on bike and likewise on the elliptical. Loving exercise. Love love love. How cool!
Food wise- yesterday I had my first major pb issue at work. I was eating chicken and veggies and got really really nauseous. So I left the room (poor Sharon then had 14 kids who had finished lunch and ready to pack away and make their beds all to herself!!) to throw up, went back to sweep floors, left room the throw up, went back to mop floors. Was sore for a bit afterwards. It was really hard because I had to keep getting on with things. I had kids talking to me and I was scared to answer in fear of throwing up. I was worried I was going to be sick in front of them too. I couldnt even think straight at one point........... I'm NEVER negative about the band. But that was a really awful experience.
So today I went a little safer and had ham, cheese and sweet mustard pickles on ryvitas. I had stuck issues with that also. So the question is.... what is causing the band issues? It cant be hormonal. It's not too tight because I havent had a fill for weeks. I'm putting it down too possibly because of exercise (discuss.... possible?) and stress. Stress from work, stress from the guy that I said I wouldnt talk about anymore that I KNOW my band was telling me to cut ties with because I was having issues everytime we were talking recently, stress from home life. I'm hoping now that the guy is gone that I feel a little better. Home life there is nothing I can do about.
We'll see how I go in the next few days. Tomorrow is my scary busy day at work so I am going to take something really easy to eat to work. I dont get lunch breaks so I gotta force it down whilst getting 14 kids their lunches.
Just you wait MEN.....wait until I've finished with this 12 week challenge.... theres a babe in here yet...


Bel said...

Hey Bridget,
You've got not idea how many toads I had to kiss before I found Mr Right! I swear it's like a right of passage or something.
On a positive note, all the toads made me realise what I didn't want in a man and therefore down the track helped me to pick the right one.
I can't wait to see the results of your 12 week challenge, but by the sounds of things you are already flogging your own a$$.

Keep up the great work,
PS. Pb'n at work is something I'm worried about and am going to stick with soups etc on my full work days.

Nikki said...

The fact that you don't get a lunch break baffles me! That's against the law!!

If you work for longer than 5 hours you have to get a break and if 30 mins for any longer than that.

Angie said...

I love you and your positivity Bridg!

Hope your hell day goes ok... you're the best! xx

Jessica said...

Sounds like you had a ROUGH day! I have never PB'd and I am really afraid of it. What vegies were you eating? I eat a lot of chicken. Do you think you were chewing enough, or were you in too much of a hurry trying to get back at work?

Anyways, hope tomorrow is better.

The New Me said...

Hey Bridget, Chicken and I don't mix at the best of times. I find I cant eat it unless it is really small pieces or it has LOTS of sauce with it. Keep faith my dear I have those day where it doesn't seem like anything will go down but its mostly related to stress and forgeting to chew and take my time.