Friday, January 30, 2009

Current mood- "meh"

In a pretty shitty mood. My boss "forgot" to pay me. She put my pay into my account late so I won't get it until Monday morning. So no going out for me. Its been a week for it. Like being back at work. But I am very very over her. We don't get any support from her and she is very lazy. No idea how to approach it. I want to but its hard.
Yeah- me and alcohol don't mix. I had about a third of a glass of wine and I had to go to bed for an hour.
B- cup of tea
S- cashews, peanuts and dried banana
L- 4 ryvitas with salmon and lettuce
S- popcorn-D- sushi
Dessert- not usually one for dessert... I made dad get me a sundae from maccas since I had drunk.

Tomorrow it's 1hr cardio at the gym in the morning.
Might vent my frustration via or punching bag out the back or the treadmill. Hate feeling so angry. Stupid work, guys and pms. Stupid fluid. Elephant worthy....
Will feel better in the morning.... just gotta ride this out.


SkinnieMinnie said...

Hope you got your frustration out at the gym B and feeling better! xo

Tammy said...

Hi Bridget,Ihope you are feeling better today.I always read your blog as you are one of my favourite people with a band and blogsite,i love the fact that you always update, usually every day.You keep it real and are never afraid to say how you feel that is a real inspiration to me and i am sure alot of other people feel the same.I brought some of those Gourmet to Go meals that you recommended and will be trying one for lunch today. Do you eat yours hot or cold?Anyway thanks for keeping it real.....Tammy