Thursday, January 8, 2009

Insert Witty Title Here...

Got a headache. My own fault. Havent drunk any water today. I've been good and drunk it all week. Yes body, lesson learned. I will spend tonight drinking water. Lol.
Went on a "hang out" today with a guy. He is super cute- I got the impression he might not have felt the same way as I did. So after an hr or so I bailed. I don't think that's going anywhere. But I am proud of myself for stepping outta my box for the 2nd time this week!! Go me!
No exercise yesterday because I was in pain from the pilates the day before!! Lol. Tonight I'm planning to walk to clear my head (its all foggy for some reason) and then a 10 minute core workout dvd that I love.
Food today:
nothing until lunchtime... was a little preoccupied
L- 1/2 salmon, lettuce and cheese sandwich on Burgen S&L bread
S- handful cashews
D- ham and spinich mac and cheese

Yes- not enough veggies. Tonight if I get hungry I'll have a fruit salad for dessert. And make sure I drink at least a litre of water tonight. And get on the treadmill!!
I havent done much tafe work this holidays. I really really should have. Ive had no motivation whatsoever. So Im pinning myself to my desk tomorrow and knocking over the "workplace hygiene module" then on to finish my "nutrition"module. Least if I get those iccky ones over with I'll feel a little better. No more internet!!! More study!! Lol.
Think I might have had a little bit of confidence knocked outta me today with the guy thing today. I dunno. Its all new and weird to me....


LapBandGirl said...

Good on you girl for stepping outside your comfort zone! I'm so proud of you :) It does get easier with this guy thing...

One thing to remember - What somebody else thinks about you is none of your business! :)

to b ME said...

Hey Bridgy,
Very PROUD of u for putting urself out there! Its a small step for mankind and a HUGE step for U...keep it up...and LapBandGirl is right it really does get easier the more u do it and the more u will become comfy and confident with urself.
Its odd how if u dont eat many vegies u feel like crap hey, iv noticed that...Had family kids over and ate crap the whole of last weekend, felt tired, unmotivated and had headaches...then ate heaps of vegies for tea and BAM!!!! felt heaps better...
Looking forward to tomorrow... :) may be a tad late got a few houses to view, but will msg u when im close... :)

Diz said...

Hey Girl. I'm sorry I've been slow to catch up on the blogs. I'm going to try and be better about it. You are so awesome. I loved your resolutions and I loved how you blogged the next day and told us how you felt like you were back to step one. You are REAL!

I sometimes forget the veggies and water too, then become a cranky bitch from the depths of hell. Fortunately, it's correctable but I pity the poor husband.

Keep it real Girlie. That's why I keep coming back!