Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Power of Food

For us to have become overweight, food has to have had a control of us. It entices us in with the smell, the taste, the visual, the texture. It's an addiction. You constantly think and plan your next meal, the ingredients, how much you are going to eat etc.
When you get banded, you get the ability to take your power back. You don't feel that need to HAVE to stop and buy a little something on the way home from work. Taking your power back is one of the most amazing feelings- you have the CONTROL. And when said control is taken away from you, it freaks you out. You feel like you are back at square one. That all this hard work and effort is going to slip through your hands. The food has the power, and you begin to fall into old habits. The smell gets to you, the taste is remembered, and you fantise over your little vice that you ended up in surgery for. You get scared- you worry that you are going to end up all old you, that all the weight will pile back on and you will mentally go back to that old sad person who you vowed to never be after your surgery.
When your power and control is returned to you, you are at ease. You can once again resume your new daily life post surgery. And food once again doesn't have that addictive appeal. Food is food. McDonalds drive thrus don't tempt anymore.
For someone thats not banded, its hard to see this side. But after the surgery, a lot of light bulbs go off- and this is the one big one.
I asked my special newly banded friend Lanni about this.... she blogged about it as we spoke.... check it out.


Ok, so I got my fill yesterday- .2mls in. Feeling a lot better. Back on the saddle so to speak. Was planning a gym session this morning- however I was up until 4 am because my nose was killing me. Its not looking so great right now so im going to have to monitor it.
Will post a food diary today, and get on the treadmill at home for at least 45 mins!

What are your thoughts on control???


Anonymous said...

Control is a big issue for me. Banding certainly has helped for sure but it's still just a tool. You need to work with it rather than just expecting it to work miracles on its own. For example - i love chocolate the boy loves potato chips. Both these things usually go down without so much as a bo peep from the band. So we still have to exercise our own control and avoid this stuff as much as possible. But without the band, I'd have close to zero control. If I could eat a whopper with cheese I would. Just one wouldn't hurt right? And so you see my point I'm sure!

You've done exceptionally well and the issue of control will be a factor for ever I suspect - certainly in my life anyway! You've just gotta keep on trucking along. Get up when you fall and pretend every day is your FIRST day.

All the best!