Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tomorrow it starts again...

I was really surprised when fluidy bridget hopped on the scales this morning ready to see close to 100. I was actually 95. So that was good. Remembering I recently got new scales so I would be 93 on them. So I'm happy about that considering how out of control I have felt.
Decided this arvo that I need to start implementing some of these New Years Resolutions I have in place. "Stepping outta my box"was on the list. And I'm doing that tomorrow- im getting my nose pierced. I havent thought it through. Which is a good thing. Because I think too much. I've thought myself into this box. So I'm unthinking myself out of it. Get me?
Tomorrow is a good day for something else- a fill!!! Very excited. I'm going to ask for .2 or .3 mLs in. I have felt shitty for a week or so now without fill. I'm glad I'm getting some back in so I can feel a little more in control of my food.'
Didnt walk today but walked Saturday. It felt amazing. Back into it. With a simple little thing like taking 30 mins out of my day- I've gotten some of that lost confidence back. Feeling a lot better now, more positive!
It's going to be a good week.... I can feel it in my waters!!!


LapBandGirl said...

Nose peircing! How exciting :) And yes, the fill will make such a difference to you :)

Take back the control! :)

to b ME said...

seems to me from reading blogs everyone is obsessed with the CONTROL factor of the band...which is very surprising to me,and a little off putting, yes its great to feel in control of ur life and weight, but i think its worrying that people seem so obsessed and focused on control.