Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mother Ducker!!!

Woke up early this morning to get nails infilled. That got cancelled.....
Walked outside at 8 a.m to 30 degree Celsius weather.... not pleasant...
Went shopping for clothes. Got some awesome buys- but I spent way more than I should and now am flat broke (more on money issues later)
Came home to find my goldfish (of two and a half years) Lenny had died. I cried. Yeah, I know, its a fish- but Dad gave him to me when I was 19. Very sad.
THEN.... I smashed my thumb into the door (shhh the lights were off!)- not only did it take off my acrylic nail but it took off layers of my own nail. Now that wouldnt have happened if my nail lady hadnt cancelled.... so I shall be informing her of that tomorrow and letting her know my displeasure in HAVING A GROSS NAIL!!
Kinda cool though that I now stand up for myself. Thats never ever something I used to do. I was little miss nice girl who everyone could walk all over... last weekend when I was in Sydney I had scrambled eggs for breakky and some bacon. We went to pay and I was charged $12 for the eggs.... um sorry, but im not going to take that! I made sure to ask for no toast, there was no way I would even attempt that... so I told her- " sorry, I didnt have toast, I just had eggs.... am i to pay 12 for eggs??" she apologised and charged me less. Yay for Bridgy!
So bad day for me.... although the ending has been pretty good... there is a guy...... I havent said anything before because its super early days (so stay tuned!).... we havent met.... been talking for a year on and off.... hes moving closer to me as of next week.... hadnt talked to him in a week so I figured he wasnt interested anymore.... we talked tonight.... hes super keen.... im super keen.... going to meet soon.... im freaking out..... the whole " am i skinny enough? am i pretty enough? will he like me" thing going through my head. Part of me knows thats stupid talk, the other part of me wants to run to the gym and spend 6 hours on there a day....
Band was being a cow today... not much food for me. I know lots of people say that they have issues in cold weather. I dont- seems mine is heat. So heartburn, no interest in food and stuck issues... ( didnt help dad made FISH for dinner)
All for now.... great ending to a shit day....


Bel said...

OOOHHHH ::swoon::
I love that feeling of a new romance. The butterflies, the constant thoughts, the what if's.

I know it's hard, but don't even worry about your weight. If he's a keeper, then he won't care. My hubby has never said anything about my weight, and is always supportive of anything I do!

I can't wait to hear how it all unfolds. Enjoy this special time!


Bel said...

Forgot to also add on the weight front..... look how far you have come!! I wouldn't even give it a second thought.


Nikki said...

Oh I'm sorry about Lenny. We have lost a couple of our fish lately so I know what its like.

And don't stress about the guy, ifs its meant to be it will happen, if not, then don't worry! Follow your heart, take a chance.