Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week's horoscope...

The astrologist in Sunday magazine- Jonathan Cainer- has always been spot on with my emotions for the week... I havent read my weekly horoscope in awhile... heres this weeks:

Anew you is emerging. The old you might've looked at your current situation and felt imtimidated by- or unhappy about- the potential downside of a proposition, but the new you doesn't care. The new you is willing to take the risk and is wise to do so. Get used to the improved state of mind; its here to stay, and is the upturn of your fortunes. And remember too, only the old you was old. The new you is young, Stop feeling so burdened and allow yourself some indulgence.


Dianne said...

Wow Bridg - that's a bit of a dododo moment hey!!

and good luck with the guy. I noticed in your other postings you have referred to them as 'boys' & this one is a guy! mmmmm - interesting.... :-)