Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to School

As of tomorrow Im back to being a busy bee. Back to work, back to gym, back to proper eating, back to remembering to take multis, back to studying and doing my course. I'm really looking foward to being back in the swing of things.
Di- that was an observation that I hadn't even noticed! Very true.....
I had a little bit of a meltdown last night. I was doing the usual girly things when I started freaking out over every little lump and bump on my body. I was certain that I was the ugliest person in the world and that "the guy" would see me and walk away. Body issues are big for me. Plus being off for 5 weeks I've had way too much time to think. This guy thing is extremely new for me. I've hidden away for 6 years. I guess its pretty normal.
Made honey, soy and garlic chicken tonight on a bed of rice and veggies. Usually I stay away from chicken breast because I'm too scared that it'll get stuck. Nope. No issues. Its very cool- I haven't pbed since my band was super tight and I had to get fill out- that was Decemeber 18th. I think stress is also a huge factor- I havent had too much stressing me out since I've been on holidays. Shall be interesting to see what happens when work starts up again! Anyway- the chicken has kept me really full. Going to make sure I stick to foods like that from now on- test my band a little. I get too scared and stick to easy things.
I'm very into messages at the moment. The day I got my nose pierced- driving home I saw two signs saying "Opportunity" and Pete Murrays song of the same name came on the radio (whilst I was drving past one actually which brought tears to my eyes!). Things like that put huge smiles on my face and really make me know Ive got angels looking out for me. Last night I dreamt about a lot of spiders. I woke up thinking that was a bad thing. Looked it up in my dream dictionary and it was actually the opposite. It says dreaming of spiders denotes "you will be careful and energetic in your labours, and fortune will be amassed to pleasing proportions". It also said dreaming of spiders in their webs around you "fortells most favourable conditions, fortune, good health and friends."
Anywho. Here's to tomorrow- to getting back into the swing of things- good eating and working out!


SkinnieMinnie said...

You shouldn't get down about your bod - you are looking good and try to imagine what you use to look like/feel - easier said that done though I know! Good luck with work tomorrow and getting into the swing of things :-)And I love those "signs" in life, can be so comforting/reassuring/motivating at times.

Zena said...

Hiya Bridget,
We all have body issues, even those that we would consider to be just 'perfect' (or how we would like to be) There is always something we are not happy with, Just human nature I guess, You are looking so good Bridget!!! I can't imagion any 'Guy' would even want to walk away, You are just TOO DAMN HOT!!!!!!
I always used to worry about my strech marks and my fat belly, even as young as 16 I had strech marks....but I found my man Bridget and you will too. PROMISE!

Passionatetraveller said...

hey lovely,
bridget you are a winner, the weight is coming off and yes it all takes time but you are still going strong since you were banded and that is something to be proud of. I to have a goal to lose 25 kgs this year and get down to my goal weight, l am working out, eating right and whilst it isn't falling off l see the difference every day. I go to boxing classes with andy now, l go to the gym three days a week, l love riding my bike and l just took up bikrim yoga this week and l know it's going to happen. I am extremely proud of you and congradulations on no longer being single lovely, it was bound to happen when you began to be open to it. Being banded the same time as you makes this journey so much more eventful I know we are going to get there and when we do it's time to celebrate. hope the family situation has sorted itself off, email me on facebook and catch me up on the goss, being thinking of you.
much love from melbourne,