Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Food Diary

Seems that everyone's blogs are quiet.....
I'm posting an online food diary everyday... input needed....

Breakfast- baked beans (thought after fill I wouldnt want breakkie anymore. Not the case.)
Lunch- 2 pieces of Burgen Soy and Linsead toast (wtf, breakfast AND bread!!??!!) with vegemite, low fat cottage cheese and tomato.
Dinner- omlette with bacon, cheese, mushroom and chives.
Snack- having dinner early, so if I need a snack I'll have handful of nuts.

So food is weird at the moment. I'm able to eat bread. It fills me up for hours!! So I'm going down the bread road instead of cruskits. This way I won't need an afternoon snack because i'll still be full. Sticking to food thats fill me up for longer, therefore less calories. (I might start tomorrow when I go get some more veggies, with salads at lunch. See how they go at filling me up)
Yesterday I did 30 mins on the treadmil, then pilates. Feeling sore this morning from the pilates. I've been doing stuff for my support group I run today. Going to get a 30 min walk in at some stage.


Anonymous said...

hey biddy...your menu is awesomely perfect. great balance. more veg for lunch and replace the nuts w fruit would be gold star but hey, you are already eating 2 veg (tomato n mush).

i too can eat bread. always have. i think its something to do with the bite size and time hey?

i love your blog especially when you come online during the day here at work bored reading blogs ha!

keep it up girl