Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Little Chappy

Ok I swear my band listens to my thoughts. Last night I was having a winge internally about how I was thinking my band was too loose. Cut to today and Im eating lunch and its stuck. First stuck issue in a long time!
Went to the gym this morning. Can you actually believe I woke up at 8.3o- ON MY DAY OFF- to go hit an hr cardio????? I'm so proud of myself. Saturday morning I shall do the same.
Food so far
After gym workout snack- yoghurt and a mouthful of cashews
L- 4 ryvitas (LOVING the taste guys!) with egg and lettuce
rest of the days food shall be
S- grapes
D- cheese and bacon risotto and steamed veggies

LOVING the healthy eating, LOVING the gym, LOVING my state of mind.

P.S- I've offically lost 29 kilos. I'm 94 right now. Aiming to get under 90 by my bandiversary in March....


SkinnieMinnie said...

YAY FOR B! You are totally in the zone and kicking some fat ass. Great work, such an inspiration! x

Tracey said...

Well done Bridget, 29kgs is such a wonderful achievment. Congratulations.