Sunday, January 11, 2009


I get the motivation back and I start to work my arse off.... then.... some family shit will happen and I'll switch off all emotions.
The fruitcake sister is getting married next month and Im not invited. Would I go anyway? Ah no... not after what she did to me that Saturday night. (I'll never get an apology)
Todays food:
L- ham, cheese and sweet chilli toasted sandwich (had issues... first time I have in ages)
S- cashews
D- fish and veggies

I've noticed that the more Pepsi Max I drink- the more I want to eat. So I'm laying off. I had it yesterday and noticed the difference. Still drinking my water :0)
No exercise yesterday or today


LapBandGirl said...

Would be interested to know how much of a sandwich you can eat... like for me, I can only eat a couple of bites of bread and then I end up taking out all the filling and eating that. And how much fish and veggies are you eating too? Are they band size portions?

And I wouldn't go to your sisters wedding either... not after what she did to you... she's crazy!

Nikki said...

About the diet pepsi, the reason your wanting to eat more, is because of the "false" sugar in it. See your body thinks its eating something sweet so it starts burning carbohydrates in your body, but if your not having it, your body will start craving them.

Weird huh!