Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First day.... when is holidays again??

First day back... not too many screaming kiddies. Got loaded up with work though! My boss thinks Im "very capable" therefore I've been given double the amount of work from last year. Joy. So now I'll have double work and a course to do on top of that!
I said before and I'll say it again- I will not make work my number one priority. I am number one. I will NOT spend every weekend doing preschool work that I am unpaid for. I will NOT stay back from work everyday without pay to do extra work. I'm going to be selfish. And that's not a bad thing.
Food today
B- glass OJ
S- yoghurt and cashews
L- 4 ryvitas with egg and bean sprouts
S- grapes and cashews
D- pita pizza

Thoughts? I feel good about my food today. Its weird though. I really don't feel like I'm banded like I used to. I knew that when I went back to work I would feel different. I have to eat well at work so that really helps. Tomorrow I'm taking tuna and pasta with a boiled egg. Dinner I'm making risotto. Kepping up the water intake, and taking multivitamins. All good. Still thinking I'm eating too much... might cut back portions and see if I am still hungry.
Gym starts Thursday morning. Although if I feel up to it I might try the treadmill after work tomorrow. Not pushing myself too hard too soon. Especially right as Im back at work. At the moment I'm run off my feet. Today I had a little busy bee that decided to jump into the water trough, jump on top of the car (he was about to jump- I had to quickly grab him before he broke his neck), squashed himself into one of the toy cots...oh and did I mention I have him tomorrow too? Lol.Had a few compliments from people at work today. Apparently I look like I've lost more weight. I think its because I've started wearing tighter fitting clothing. Today I wore a black singlet top with a little red cardy thingy that covered my shoulders and tops of my arms. So thats the plan of attack. Tighter fitting clothing. Hehe...
All for now. I am really enjoying blogging at the moment! Such a great way for me to look over my day and see things I need to change, and praise myself for things that I have done well....

B.T.W- My clothes fit better these days even though the scales say no change. Fuck the scales....


SkinnieMinnie said...

Fuck the scales indeed! Sounds like you're the busy bee with that little tike running out. Good luck for tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yep the tighter clothes will definately make a diff to the comments. I notice when I got my new uniform I got more comments than when I wore my old baggy one.

Good luck with being back at work. I'm hanging out for a holiday myself (7.5 work days to go!)

Em :)

Melanie said...

I think it must be the heat - we're all not losing much at the moment but our clothes are fitting - go figure.