Friday, January 16, 2009

Note to self: Dont look at bank balance on Monday...

Me and my good friend Nicole are going away this weekend. Going to Sydney for a nice relaxing weekend filled with gold class cinema, high tea, shopping, casino and a visit to the aquarium.
Glad to be going- a nice a little break away from boringness.
I'll be back on Sunday arvo and will post some pics!
In the meantime, go check out . They are doing great work for the emotional side of being banded. I'm really excited to see this up and running. Go fill out a survery for a free 30 min coaching session and sign up to their newsletters- they are filled with great info!!


LapBandGirl said...

Have a great time in Sydney! Hope the weather is nice for you :)

Melanie said...

Have a great time and thanks for the link - I'll check it out.

Diz said...

Thanks for sharing the website. Someday I'll get to see Sydney! Have fun.