Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho- its off to the gym I go!

Tomorrow- Thursday- G day.... Gym day!

I'm actually looking forward to it. Ipod is on charge as we speak and after this post I'm off to pick out gym clothes and pack my bag! Im planning a light workout to see how I pull up. Planning an hour (9 am-10 am) of cardio. I shall attempt weights at some stage in the following weeks. I need them. Toning is important.

Dad made a brilliant discovery at the supermarket. The above picture is of what I had for lunch today. The pack was a little bigger than palm size- filled with a tiny amount of pasta- loaded with veggies (that were so soft and easy to eat!) and some yummy moist tuna. Amazing. Perfect size, great great flavour. Highly recommended- super easy.
Water intake is great. Getting at least 1 L a day. Pushing to 1.5-2 in the next few days- especially with exercise starting up!

Shall report in with my workout tomorrow :0)


Charmaine said...

Hi Bridget - I get the salmon and vegies in that range, they fill me up and are so easy for lunches :)

It is good to see you back on track! I am in PMS hell at the moment grrr.

Katie said...

Hi Bridget, those meals looks interesting, are they frozen?