Monday, March 24, 2008

The Day the Easter Bunny came...

This is my Sunday blog (It's 1.45 am and I havent been to bed yet so technically its Sunday night for me!).
Mr Easter Bunny bought me:
Milktray (12 in box)
Ferrero Rocher (30 in box)
11 caramello eggs

After being able to eat anything I wanted on Friday, today I wasnt very hungry. Heres my food:
Breakfast: Nil
Lunch: country cheese biscuits (fruit chuntey and cheese)
Snack: Berocca
Dinner: 1 rissole, prawn salad, creamy pasta and potato bake.
Supper: Chocolate of course!

Now the dinner may seem a little much but gotta think of portion sizes. I don't think that I told you guys about the plate that I bought. Its AWESOME as its designed for bandsters and shows you the right portion sizes to have. So I use this all the time especially for dinner.
just type in gastric band to find the plate.

I was able to sleep on my left side last night. Yay!!! I'm a tosser (hahaha) at night so its been hard not to be able to switch sides. I get all crampy in the one position.
I also can't stop playing with my port. lol. Its weird to have a foreign object in your body. But its good because I know I definately have my band in. Some days I feel like they didnt put it in. Its also a reminder about respecting my band and being its friend. And not mistreating it.

-skinny biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Hahahahahahahaha - I still play with my port occasionally. I've noticed that I sometimes sit with my hand cupping it. Not so much now all the swelling has gone down, but I did so much for the first six weeks or so. Are you making people feel it too? My brother did and then called me a freaky lumpy woman.

Those plates are great - I'm getting one next time I get paid - they are really cool.