Saturday, March 15, 2008

Recap on my banding surgery....

So i'm feeling a little better. Want to take the time to recap my surgery day. Here goes...
Woke up at 8 am after getting to sleep at 5 a.m. Was very tired! Had a shower, got ready. Noticed I was having a bad hair day. Tried to not let that effect me. I can be very supersticious.
My mum was the only one coming with me but at the last minute my sister decided she wanted to come. She was going to drive her car so she needed to stop off and get petrol. She had to follow us because she didn't know the way. We get to the petrol station and of course, mums car wont start. Im now all stressed because I'll be late, mums yelling as well as sister. We get back home, get into another car and are on our way.
We do get there late. We wait a little while at admission. I got called into a room to check weight and answer all these questions. If I didn't know my birth date before I certainly new it today! The anaesthesist came into the room and asked the same questions again, checked my veins and said he'd see me soon. Then they told me they were ready for me. It was so quick!! I grabbed mum and bernadette and told them i was being taken in. I got changed into the biggest hospital gown ive ever seen and was allowed to wear my own undies! woot! i got into bed, had a heparin injection and was off. didn't have time to do the whole emotional farewell to the family. didnt have time to back out.
I get into the pre op room and recite my dob again. get my iv put in (i hate needles but this one never hurt) and get something to make me relax. they wheel me into operating room and asks me to shift over to the cutting board (table). i remember the anaesthesist saying something but not too sure what. I don't remember anything after that.
Woke up in recovery. I was trying to fight the anaesthetic, wanted my mum. I don't know how long I was there for but I got wheeled into my room and saw my beautiful mum and sister. I was in a fair bit of pain then and trying to wake up. My Nan and Pop came and I had a conversation with them. I can't remember it at all. I do remember my mum laughing at me because I was talking with one eye open/one shut. Apparently that was funny. They left, so did my sister, and I slept. Dad was my next visitor. I don't think he was there for very long, well what I can remember of it. He bought me in a present that my dear friend Cass had sent me in the mail. A book to read when I was feeling better. She wrote a wonderful card too which I kept next to me my whole hospital stay.
I don't really remember what happend for the rest of that day. I do remember throwing up though after pain medication was given to me, it was black and freaked me out!! I was waking up every few hours in pain. Everytime I was given tramal I threw up. Sometimes there was blood. It wasn't plesant. I think I threw up around 6 times. When my DR came to see me the next morning he said I shouldn't be so kept me in one more night. He also told me that I had an enlarged left lobe of my liver. It wasn't fatty, I was just born with it. He said he nearly didn't do the operation but decided to in the end. I also bled a little more than normal. So due to these things I was going to be a little more swollen than most people. Joy.
I think by 12.30 Thursday afternoon I realised that the meds were making me sick so let nurse know.didn't give it to me again and never threw up again. By thursday night I was starting to really feel the gas pain. Man that fucking hurts!!!!!!!!!!
I think so far thats been the worst part of it. So I starting walking around my room to try and move it. I was unable to burp from my top end. It was the hardest night so far. So much pain, couldnt find a comfy position to sleep in.
Friday morning a nurse came in that had done a shift the previous day with me. She was happy to see me outta bed and decided since I was nauseous anymore and wasnt throwing up to send me home. I was so excited!! Mum came to pick me up. The car ride home was rough. I hadn't had any pain medication and sitting was hard. I was glad when we reached home.
Last night was difficult. Mum has been amazing but by 4 am she was starting to get a little impatient. Everyday I'm feeling a lot better so I won't need her as much. Lol, I do atm, I need a shower badly and need her to help me.
Walking has helped with gas, but degas is awesome. I tried chewable but just weren't good enough. Was able to swollow the tablets so been taking them. Also taking Panadol. Tried the liquid but I just cant do it. Plus it takes too long to drink. So onto the Panadol capsules. I am able to get them done. Very happy.
Liquid wise I have just finished my first shake, taken me two hrs to drink. Also drinking my Berrocca. After that will have some water then maybe a soup or some chicken broth. I'm Day 3 and not hungry at all. Sister had Maccas last night, it didnt phase me one bit. Over it. Want to be healthy. I think since Op ive lost a few kilos. I actually feel a lot heavier though due to gas. So when all that shifts I'll feel amazing! lol.
Thats all for now.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I'll be watching Lord of The Rings with the sister I think.
-skinny biddy :0)


LIBSMOM said...

I'm SO glad you are home and it's OVER!!!! Congrats, make that MAJOR CONGRATS for making such a fantastic decision to be healthy!! You are so beautiful and now you are going to have so much fun buying new clothes and watching the pounds melt off!!
I'm down 30 pounds as of today. I stalled for 3 days with no loss but then saw a big movement on the scale this morning. Wait until people start commenting on how great you look, how they can tell you've lost. It's such a great feeling!!!
I'm SO proud of you!

mjwdec73 said...

Wow - sounds like you were in the wars a bit - at least you know never to have that painkiller again! You have done so well, and every day will get easier.