Monday, March 3, 2008

The Hump

Day 6 of Opti-fast and I'm over the inner struggle. I haven't been hungry at all today. I've only has two shakes so far and will have some soup later. Last night I was very very emotional. Ended up crying for half an hour over some toast I was desperate to have. Ended up having the toast but realised I only needed half a slice and I was statisfied. No cheats today, feel very proud of myself. I'm stating to feel used to being on this stuff. I feel hopeful. I know I have cheated along the way (I didn't admit it but on Friday night I had a little McDonalds...........) but all is good. I'm definately focused now.
Got a call from the hospital today. They wanted to confirm my admission for March 12th. It was a quick conversation, I'm not on my diabex anymore (for insulin resistance) so no more meds for me. She said "well you seem healthy so you'll be right". Lol. Yeah heaps healthy, im having gastric banding surgery because im obese!!
Tomorrow night I'm off to another information session. I'm going to support my Dad who wants to have this procedure done also. It will be good to go and see someone else talk about their weight loss after having the band. Hoping maybe one day I will be asked to talk at one. Take some fat pants and fit into one leg. lol.
I'm so positive now! Everything's gonna be alright....
-bridget :0)