Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Day Continued

So I was a little, well no majorly, stressed out in my earlier post. I have realised that what she is offering me is just to benefit her so I'm thinking of rejecting the offer. I will give it a little longer to think about however. I did ask her to tell me exactly how much I was going to be getting an hour but no response as of yet.
Looks like I'll be looking for another job.
Today I was able to exercise! After all that stress this afternoon I decided to use it to my advantage and jumped on the treadmill. I braved the cobwebs out in the garage and everything!! lol. I only did 20 mins. I could definately have done a lot more but figured its the first time back in the swing of things so I didn't want to push myself too hard.
I've also signed up to its a really great site where you can write down your food intake for the day and it works out your calories as well as what percentage of fats, carbs and protein you are eating each day. You can also write down your daily exercise and it calculates how many calories you have burnt.

Todays food:
Breakfast- Nil
Lunch- 4 cruskits (vegemite, cottage cheese and tomato)
Snack- Berocca
Dinner- Spaghetti Bolognaise (about 1 and a half cups)

I need to drink more water!! My skin has become super dry because of it. I am going to drink as much as I can. I know how super important it is.

Off to the dietician tomorrow morning. Megan wants to check that I am able to eat most foods in preparation for my first fill next Friday. I say bring it on, I am able to eat quite a lot. Not as much as I could pre banding but enough to realise I need a fill.

-Skinny Biddy :0)


mjwdec73 said...

Get some of the little pump bottles - I found that having 400ml bottles of water all over the house meant I was sipping constantly - and it was easier to keep track of how much I was drinking. I've graduated to the 750ml bottles now :)

With work, can you check with the traineeship board - we have one in Victoria - maybe they can tell you if she is being realistic.

Good luck!

Bridget said...

thanks for that. I actually have a 1.5 L bottle I carry around but I just forget. lol.
I am going to call apprenticeships australia tomorrow. Seems my boss doesnt want to tell me how much I will be making. She has stuffed me around for the past three years so i think im going to have to cut ties.

LIBSMOM said...

I can't wait for my fill either! I am taking too many liberties with my band right now.
Still losing but I don't want to eventually head off in the wrong direction.
Mine is April 7th. I'm still on liquids but this Tuesday I move on to soft foods. Looking forward to getting back to cooking and having family meals.
Can you explain what your food is? NiL? And vegimite? I remember vegimite from a song a long time ago but never knew what it was.
What is your weight loss presently? In pounds if you can make the exchange again for me :)