Friday, March 7, 2008

The Truth

Day 10 of the Opti-fast. 5 days til the surgery. Yay!!!
Ok, I am going to be honest. The reason I started this blog was not only to let people in on my journey but to tell the complete truth. To lay it out on the line and not lie to myself.
I haven't been following the Opti-fast as well as I could have been. I've been eating my veggies. drinking my water and drinking my shakes. However, I try all the tricks in the bag (drinking lots of water, eating veggies, have a shake) and I'm starving!!! So I was cheating and having some toast. Also, I had a little McDonalds last Friday and once this week. I felt a little guilty but decided I'm sick of making myself guilty after food. Yes, I stuffed up. But I have to move on. And I am not going to try and justify it. I knew what I was doing. I was potentially un shrinking my liver. In saying that, I will probaly end up having Maccas for dinner tonight, only a little bit. And the night before my surgery. I've been talking to my mum a lot about this. She hasn't really helped the situation when she's telling me that I'll be fine, I've lost the 4 kilos needed and I'm a 20 year old non drinker so my liver won't be as fatty and enlarged. Also some doctors don't actually do Opti-fast for people with a bmi under 40 and I'm 42. Yes over 40 but only just.
I'm not even sure I have anyone reading this blog but I'm enjoying writing it.So if you are out there reading please drop me a comment!
This time next week I'll be at home banded and on my way to becoming Skinny Biddy!! Unless I wake up without it in, then i'll be a Pissed off Parker!! But I have a feeling I'll be fine.
Have a great weekend. I'll be out shopping for liquids!!

-bridget :0)